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quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2008

Frozen happiness(?)

To think that someday we criticized people who tattooed the name of their boyfriends and girlfriends in their legs, arms and breasts. It sounded so ridiculous to make a laser surgery to erase the letters burning in the skin. I wish all those photographies albuns would burn, all those photographies in which I don't seem to be so lonely. Don't misunderstand me, darling, I would give all this insignificant thing we call existence, all the space-time to live every single one of those moments only once, so I wouldn't turn your smile into those tears that fall from my face messing your make-up. I would give everything to live every moment only once, so your smile wouldn't ever seem to be from mocking me. And this pain, my love, I don't throw away because I'm afraid of only having this lonely me, I'm afraid of never holding you again and it doesn't seem to be another way.

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